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Tire Changer Maintenance

2020-05-09 08:40:32

· Clean the turntable once a week with oil to prevent the formation of dirt, and grease the clamp.

· Carry out the following operations at least every 30 days:

 Check the oil level in the lubricator tank.

 Check that drop of oil is injected into the reservoir

· After the first 20 days of work, re-tighten the clamp tightening screws on the turntable slides.

·  In the event of a loss of power, check that the drive belt is tight as follows.

 Remove the left side body panel of the tire changer by unscrewing the four fixing screws.

Remove the drive belt

· Before any operation disconnect the electric power supplies.

· If necessary, adjust the vertical arm locking plate in case the tool does not lock or it does not rise from the rim of 2mm, adjust nuts.

· For cleaning or replacing the silencer for opening/closing clamps, proceed as follows:

1. Remove the left side panel of the machine body by unscrewing the four fixing screws.

2. Un-screwing the silencer of the pedal system, which is on the clamp opening/closing pedal.

3. Clean compressed air or, if damaged, replace it.

· For cleaning or replacing the silencer of bead breaker, see Fig. 28 and proceed as shown on previous point 1 and 3. 


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