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Lift Maintenance

2023-09-09 08:40:32

· The lifting platform should be cleaned sufficiently during maintenance in order to quicker identify emerging damages of the paint and the components. Waste lubricants should also be disposed of immediately instead of reusing it, as the contained dirt could damage essential parts.

· The oil container should be cleaned at least once a year and be completely replaced in case of occurred damages.

· Although the lifting platform is often seen as a tool, any paint damage should be repaired immediately after its discovery in order to prevent appearing rust.

· Checklist

Daily checks of …

§ the hydraulic system for possible leaks

§ damages and defects

§ the safety devices (especially the lifting arms)

§ arm locks

§ making sure all screws, nuts, and bolts are tightly screwed

Weekly checks of …

§ all chains and cable connections, pins and screws for proper installation

§ all columns for correct alignment and leveling

§ steel cables for the correct tension; adjust if necessary

§ swing-arm-pivot restraints while paying attention to the restraints

§ non-slip contact pads; replace if necessary

§ hydraulic oil; refill if necessary

§ hydraulic seals; replace if necessary

§ ground anchors; tighten if necessary

§ the hydraulic pump while paying attention to any strange noises

§ safety devices for their functionality

§ lubrication of all moving parts and pivots

§ lubrication of the posts if necessary

Monthly checks of …

§ the perpendicularity of the posts

§ tension of the equalization cables; adjust if necessary

§ arm pins; adjust if necessary

§ non-slip lift pads; replace if necessary

§ hydraulic oil; replace if necessary

§ the hydraulic system for correct operation; loosen connections if necessary

§ any wear parts, replace them

§ cleaning the lifting platform

§ lubrication and inspections of the steel ropes every two weeks

Yearly checks

§ cleaning of the hydraulic oil filter; change if necessary

§ replacement of the hydraulic oil

§ ventilation of the hydraulic system

§ the oil for aging and contamination (can lead to valve damage and shortened pump and gear life)

§ components and mechanisms for damage and wear

§ equalization cables for wear not exceeding 5%; replace if necessary

§ nominal lifting capacity of the lifting platform

§ accessibility and readability of all labels

§ accessibility of all operating procedures

§ all supporting components including the weld seams

§ electrical components (motor, limit switch, control unit)

§ cable isolations for damages

§ condition of the hydraulic unit

§ all security systems

§ functioning of the lift operation

§ carriage guide for functioning

§ mounting parts including the anchoring bolts

§ exposed surfaces and edges

§ mechanical impact of the lift

§ adapter for functioning

§ lowering speed of a lift loaded with a vehicle (not exceeding 0.15 m/s)

§ testing of the equalization cables for functioning

§ all screws and connections; tighten if necessary

§ all accessible pipes, hoses, valves and brackets

§ the loaded lift for lowering and hydraulic leaks after stopping in the middle of the lifting operation

§ empty the hydraulic tank, clean the oil filter of the hydraulic unit; replace it if necessary

Every five years

§ replacement of all hydraulic hoses

§ replacement of the equalization cables for synchronization


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