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Wheel Balancer Maintenance

2023-10-09 08:40:32

· Never use compressed air and/or jets of water to remove dirt or residues from the machine. Take all possible measures to prevent dust from building up or rising during cleaning operations.

· Keep the wheel balancer shaft, the securing ring nut, the centering cones and flange clean.

· These components can be cleaned using a brush previously dripped in environmentally friendly solvents.

· Handle cones and Flanges carefully so as to avoid accidental dropping and subsequent damage that would affect centering accuracy.

· After use, store cones and Flanges in a place where they are suitably protected from dust and dirt.

· Perform the calibration procedure at least once every six months.

· The only rotating parts of the wheel balancer are the motor and balance shaft. These parts must be periodically lubricated by the operators. If the machine is used very frequently, more than 2 hours per day, we should annually check the bearing. Check once a year if the machine is used less than 2hours a day.

· If you note the run of the bearing abnormal or there is noise, change the bearing.

· If the change of the grease not correctly, it will influence the accuracy of the machine. On this condition, you need to reinstall the sealing ring and assemble the machine and adjust again.

· If the machine is to be scrapped, separate all electrical, electronic, plastic and ferrous components and dispose of them separately


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